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LED Air Hockey
south florida arcade game rentalssouth florida arcade game rentals
Click here for Air Hockey Video
2-Player Air Hockey and our new L.E.D. Air Hockey Game with LED lighted legs and playfield will light up any room! Includes side sound sensors, a scratch-free polycarbonate playfield, and Sound Effects.
Dimensions 7.25'L X 4'W, 330 lbs.

6-Player Air Hockey
south florida arcade game rentalssouth florida arcade game rentals
Three times the fun as regular air hockey! Up to 6 Players compete simultaneously. Goals can be blocked off for 2 to 6 player action. 7' long table with rounded shape, Electronic scoring, and up to 6 defendable goals.

Dimensions 7'L x 48"W x 32"H

Boom-A-Rang Air Hockey
south florida party game rentalssouth florida party game rentals
You've never seen air powered hockey like this before. New design incorporating space saving footprint (5 sq. feet). Bank your puck against the wall in front of you to try and score against the opponent standing at your side. The Boom-A-Rang presents a whole new challenge for those who think they've mastered the game of air hockey, or for anyone who wants to try their hand at the next generation air hockey table. Includes Boom-A-Rang Overhead Electronic Scoring Unit.
Dimensions 60"L X 51.5"W X 65.5"H 350 lbs.


4-Player Basketball Pop a Shot
arcade basketball game rentalarcade basketball game rental
Our exclusive 4-Player "Street Ballin'" basketball game will be the hit at your next event! Your guests will think they are at the arcade with real chain nets, metal rims, customizable sound effects and LED lighting.
Full size arcade LED displays show two 30 second shot clocks, 4 separate score displays, and the high score at your event. Side panels can be custom wrapped with your graphics or logo!
Did you know that many party venues cannot accomodate real arcade basketball machines because they are too large to transport and each arcade machine is only 1-Player so you'd need to rent 4 machines! We created a true arcade experience in a custom design that allows us to transport them into almost any venue and set them up in less than 10 minutes! Two machines can be linked for an 8-player game! If the ceilings are too low at your venue we just push a button and the backboard rises/Lowers to any height up to 8'. Dimensions 8'W x 8'L x 8'H, Wt: 300 Lbs.

Pop-A-Shot Basketball
basketball pop a shot gamebasketball pop a shot party rental game
This 2-player game has 2 rims. Players compete against each other 1-on-1, or against the 60 second Digital shot clock. Baskets are worth 2 points each, but during the last 15 seconds baskets are worth 3 points! Game keeps track of each players score and has digital sound effects. Games are 60 secs long so
everyone gets a turn. attendant in referee shirt optional. Note: 2nd photo shows 2 pop a shots side by side.
Dimensions 3'W x 7'L x 7'H


basketball party rental game south floridabasketball party rental game south florida
Super easy to play, 1 or 2 Players compete by pounding the soft basketball controllers to shoot the tiny basketballs at the hoop. The harder they hit, the farther the ball travels! Moving backboards adds to the challenge. 3 points awarded per basket, and 6 points awarded per basket in the final 10 seconds. Make as many shots as you can before time runs out. Red numerical LED displays show the Shot Clock. Fully enclosed play area keeps the mini-balls from being lost outside of the game. LED Color changing lights look great and allow guests to play in the dark.
Dimensions H: 89″ W: 32″ D: 38″ 225 lbs


inflatable basketball game with electronic scoringinflatable basketball game with electronic scoring
inflatable basketball game with electronic scoringinflatable basketball game with electronic scoring
Our interactive basketball game takes inflatable games to a new level with Electronic scoring, lights, and sound effects. 2-4 players shoot 7" basketballs into the rims. Each rim has an illuminated sensor.
Play regular basketball to see who can score the most points or Try scoring as many baskets that are illuminated with your team color. targets light up a different color for team 1 and team 2 so don't score for the other team! The large digital score display keeps track of the game and score. Dimensions: 16'L x 16'W x 12'H

Pop-A-Shot Football
football pop a shot party rental game south floridafootball pop a shot party rental game south florida
This Football Version Of The Popular Basketball Pop-A-Shot Is A 2-Player Head-To-Head Football Toss Game That Keeps Time And Score As Players Compete For The Best Score. Toss The Six Soft Mini-Footballs Through The Targets To Score Big. The Crowd Cheers When You Score, So Don't Let Them Down. Electronic Scoring Adds To The Excitement And Competition. Attendant In Referee Shirt Optional. Dimensions 3'W X 7'L X 7'H.

Inflatable Football Toss
football inflatable party rental game south floridafootball inflatable party rental game south florida
This new Inflatable Football version of the popular basketball Pop-A-Shot is a 2-Player head-to-Head Football Toss game. Who Can Make More Winning Passes? Custom Background Artwork Has NY Giants Vs. Miami Dolphins. Attendant in ref shirt optional. Dimensions: 13'W X 12'L X 7'11"H 75 Lbs.

Super Chexx Hockey
arcade game party rental in south floridaarcade game party rental in south florida
Video 1, Video 2
2-4 player Hockey arcade game.
overhead LED scoreboard records GOALS, PERIOD, and RUNNING TIME. automatic puck return system within the dome makes the game tamper proof. overhead dome lighting and sound fX.
Dimensions: 3'W X 4'L X 48"H 185 Lbs.

Super Kixx Pro Soccer
party rental game in south floridaparty rental game in south florida
Video 1, Video 2, Video 3
2-4 player Soccer Futbol arcade game.
Super Kixx Pro allows players to pass, shoot, and score just like the real game. Players are constructed to allow for chipping, passing and shooting. automatic ball return system within the dome makes the game tamper proof so no lost balls like the cheaper home versions. 2 LCD scoreboards play animated sounds and video, national anthem, crowd chants, sound effects, & Score display. When players score you'll see & hear GOOOAAAALLLL!!!!
Dimensions 36"W x 62"L x 52"H. 195 lbs.


Soccer Interactive Play System
inflatable soccer game with electronic scoring and soundsinflatable soccer game with electronic scoring and soundsinflatable soccer game with electronic scoring and sounds
Our new interactive inflatable soccer game has electronic scoring, lights, and sounds. 1 or 2 players battle head to head to test their soccer skills by trying to hit the lighted targets in the goal. There are several different games that can be played with the electronic scoring. The Player with the highest score wins! Dimensions: 18’L X 14’W X 10’H

foosball arcade game rental in floridaLED lights foosball arcade game rental in florida
This is an arcade Foosball machine set to "freeplay" no quarters needed!   Playfield is covered with glass (like a pinball machine) to prevent game tampering, and metal ball guides prevent ball Theft. This is Not a "Home-Use" Foosball table from Dicks Sporting Goods! 2-4 guests can play and it has "Telescopic" handles that prevent rods from sticking out on the opposite side during gameplay to prevent injury.  We also have an optional version of this model with LED light for 4-Player fun in the dark! 
Dimensions 59"L x 43"W 275 lbs

8-Player LED Foosball
8-player LED foosball event rental game8-player LED foosball event rental game
Our custom made aluminum LED Foosball Tables were custom made for us by us! T
hese are not 2 wood foosball tables bolted together like our competition uses. Our tables are a single custom-made table that can be used as a Black & White Foosball table (Lights Off), or turn the lights on for color changing, Multi-Player, Foosball Madness! Fast-Paced action for up to 8 players!
More Players = More Fun! Play 3 or more balls for a scoring frenzy.
Dimensions 8'L x 37"W 250 lbs (Requires double door access)

16 Player LED Foosball
16-player LED foosball event rental game16-player LED foosball event rental game
Our custom made aluminum LED Foosball Tables can be used as a Black & White Foosball table (Lights Off), or turn the lights on for color changing, Multi-Player, Foosball Madness! Fast-Paced action for up to 16 players!
 More Players = More Fun! Play 3 or more balls for a scoring frenzy.
Dimensions 16'L x 38"W
(Requires double door access)

Ping Pong Table
ping pong table event rental gameping pong table event rental game
Our standard ping pong tables are the Killerspin Tournament Grade tables. They are 1.5" Thick Solid Steel Frame, Premium steel net & post system.
Each table rental includes 4 Paddles and Ping Pong Balls.
Dimensions 9'L x 5'W, 100 lbs

4-Player Ping Pong
4-player ping pong table event rental game4-player ping pong with LED lights event rental game
Our 4-player ping pong tables are painted with a special metallic Black and red paint. plastic bumper nets keep the ball in play longer. Second Photo shows LED light upgrade option.
Dimensions: 8.5'L x 8.5'W x 30"H     Weight 330 lbs    


L.E.D. Ping Pong (2-4 Player)
game rental in boca raton, floridagame rental in boca raton, florida
game rental in boca raton, floridagame rental in boca raton, florida
LED Ping Pong youtube video

Our 4-Player L.E.D. Ping Pong tables are regulation size (5'W x 9'L) and the playfield is only 4" deep so it feels just like a regular ping pong table.
Dimensions 9'L X 5'W 300 lbs. Client Letter

L.E.D. Ping Pong (2 Player)
game rental in boca raton, floridagame rental in boca raton, florida
2-Player LED Ping Pong Youtube video
Our 2-Player L.E.D. Ping Pong Tables are a slightly smaller  size table great for 2-player action. Dimensions 8'L X 4'W 175 lbs.

Power Pong
game rental in jupiter, floridagame rental in jupiter, florida
game rental in jupiter, floridagame rental in jupiter, florida
Click here for video
Our new arcade Power Pong Game is an attractive, color changing LED ping Pong ball toss game for 2-4 players.  Players stand on the opposite side of the playfield and take turns trying to throw 2 ping pong balls into the opposing teams cup. When you make a shot in the cup the LED lights around that cup flash and the cup sinks into the machine leaving the remaining cups until there are no cups left and you have a winner! Easy to play, but hard to master!
Dimensions 76"L x 33"W x 33"H, 300 lbs, 3.2 amps


Atari Pong Arcade
game rental in jupiter, floridagame rental in jupiter, florida
party rental in jupiter, florida

Click here for video
The classic arcade game first released by Atari's Nolan Bushnell back in 1972 is back! The new Atari Pong is simple, yet addictive. It's one of the few games that everyone loves; men, women, boys, and girls! Play a friend or play the computer. Features 1 or 2 players, Easy, Medium, and Hard player modes. Colorfull LED lighting and elevated height structure for standing play make this game an instant classic for any party.
Dimensions 56"L x 35"W x 32"H

Catch The Light L.E.D. Light Game
game rental in west palm beach floridagame rental in west palm beach florida
Click here for video #1    Click here for Video #2
Futuristic arcade game that tests your dexterity, speed, and reflexes with Multicolored LED lit playfield and Buttons set to Upbeat, Retro-Styled Arcade Game Music! The game keeps score of how fast you can press all the buttons as they light up. Game displays score and remaining time and has Adjustable Play Time and difficulty. This game works well in lighted or dark rooms and is great for kids & adults.
Dimensions : 50"L x 32"W x 33"H, 156 Lbs

Xbox One Arcade Machine
game rental in west palm beach floridaparty rental in west palm beach florida
Click here for video
Our Xbox One arcade cabinets have a 32" HD Display, Color changing LED Lights, and High powered speakers and Subwoofers built into the cabinet. play every xbox 1 game and most xbox 360 games. Each rental includes 4 xbox One controllers, and built-in Kinect Sensors allow motion based games.
Dimensions: 78"H x 30"W x 24"D, 200 lbs

Classic Multicade Arcade Machines
party rental in west palm beach floridaparty rental in west palm beach florida
Click Here For Demo Video
Our new Classic arcade machines have the retro look of the 1980s and 1990s arcade cabinets but each of these arcade machines is packed with all of your favorite classic games such as Pac-man, Space Invaders, Frogger, Donkey Kong, Galaga, and more!). These Machines can be set to only play 1 game or all of them! Dimensions: 32"L x 28"W x 70"H Weight: 200 lbs. 

4-Player Multicade Machine
party rental in palm beach floridagame rental in palm beach florida

Another Cocktail Hour Entertainment exclusive!
We custom made these 4-Player Arcade machines to play every classic arcade game that was 3 or 4 players (135+ different games) All the best multi-Player Arcade games from the 70's, 80's, 90's, and early 2000's all in one machine! We designed these arcade machines with a 40" monitor, but the cabinet is only 27" deep so if you turn them sideways they will fit thru any single doorway which means they can go anywhere! Some of the included titles are; The Simpsons, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Gauntlet, Rampage, Golden Axe, WWF, X-Men, Captain American, Spiderman, NBA Jam, NFL Blitz, NHL Hit The Ice, Super Cup Finals, Vs Tennis, and much more! If specific classic games are requested please make sure it's in your contract!
Dimensions 36"W x 27"D x 70"H 175 lbs.

Pinball & Arcade games Multicade
game rental in palm beach floridagame rental in palm beach florida
Click here for video #1, Click Here For Video #2
Our new Pinball Multicades have 75+ classic vertical arcade games (Frogger, Galaga, Ms pac-man, Centipede, Donkey Kong, and many More) And 100+
digitized, Hi-Resolution classic pinball tables to play as well. the best of both worlds! On the front of the machine you have the classic arcade joystick, buttons, and trackball. On the sides of the machine you have the buttons for playing pinball and a front plunger button as well. These unique arcade machines will have your guests coming back for more. If specific classic games are requested please make sure it's in your contract!
Dimensions 22"W x 26"D x 78"H, 200 lbs

Pacman Battle Royale
game rental in loxahatchee floridagame rental in loxahatchee florida
party rental in loxahatchee florida

Click Here for Youtube Video
This new competitive 4-player pacman Arcade game is simple, fun, and addictive. If you eat a power pellet you can not only eat the ghosts, but you can eat your friends! The last pacman standing wins each round. At the end of the game statistics are displayed for each player, such as "Won Most Rounds" and "Ate Most Pac-Man", etc....   
Dimensions 34"W x 45"L, 365 lbs

Guitar Hero Arcade machine
party rental in lake worth floridaparty rental in lake worth florida
Click here for YouTube Video.
over 50 classic & current rock songs on the real Guitar Hero Arcade Machine. Industrial Strength Guitar Controllers, Pick from 11 characters & 8 venues, Cabinet has over 400 pulsating L.E.D. lights & Booming sound system. This is NOT the xbox home version! Play Together or Go Head to Head. Guitar Hero is the only Arcade Guitar game licensed to play the hottest Rock songs you hear on the radio as opposed to the japanese version "Guitar freaks" which only has cover versions of popular songs and Japanese Pop Music.
Dimensions 85.5" H x 39.5" W x 33" D, 446 lbs

Claw Machine

game rental in lake worth floridagame rental in lake worth florida
game rental in lake worth floridagame rental in lake worth florida
Client Letter
Our claw machines, AKA skill cranes, are set to Freeplay and can be filled with custom prizes or custom wrapped with your artwork. Attractive design with running lights, Voice & Sound effects, and Automatic prize Detection. The Claw Machine comes preloaded with "Licensed" plush prizes, but can be rented empty or customized to your theme. Ex. plush Animals, inflatables, mini-Basketballs, Jewelry, Snack bags, Candy, and more.Click here for a sample of custom baseball themed plush prizes.

Dimensions 31.5"W x 36"D x 76"H - 250 Lbs.

1. Custom Prizes can be ordered for a fee Click here for sample Prizes.
2. Custom Vinyl Graphic Wrap applied for a fee, or provide your own Graphics.
Custom Wrap Claw Machine Sample, Custom Wrap Graphic Measurements

Top marque 27”W x 6.75"H, (2) side marquees 24.25"W x 7.5"H, (2) bottom side Panels 23.5"W x 19.25"H, Prize door 10.5”H x 7.25”W, rear inside wall 35.25"H x 26.25"W

Money machine Cash Cube

game rental in boynton beach floridaparty rental in boynton beach florida
money machine in boynton beach floridamoney booth rental in boynton beach florida
Click here for Money Machine Video #1
The hottest Money machine Cash Cube! our Money Machine was featured in Katy Perrys Music Video, "Waking Up In Vegas"! contestants try to Grab the Cash before the timer runs out. "Funny money", Coupons, or real Cash can be used! This Metal Frame Money machine is covered with Aluminum brushed diamond plate trim, State of the art electronics, Adjustable countdown timer that automatically shuts the blower off when time runs out. The blower is also disabled as a safety precaution if the door is opened. Programable RGB L.E.D strip lights can be programed for any color or light pattern (Chase, strobe, blink, solid). Programable Color message board displays your Name, Brand, or message. 

Watch our Money Machine in Katy Perry Music Video
(Cue to 2:09-2:23)

Dimensions: 85.5"H x 31"W x 38.5"D 375 lbs

Dimensions for adding static cling graphics to clear windows:
Front: 66.25" H x 28.75" W, Door side (right) 70"H x 28" W, Left Side 71.5"H x 33.5"W

Electronic Dart Board
party rental in delray floridagame rental in delray florida
Click Here for Video 
Arachnid's newest commercial dartboard to date features Dual "Flip" Dartboards + LED Lighting. The Galaxy III comes with both the traditional 15" Darthead and the new European-sized 13" Darthead, both of which are mounted on a rotating back board - Just Flip & Switch! new LED Illuminated Dart Target and Marquee. New graphics, sounds, and featured animations are displayed on the built in LED Monitor. Attractive full-Color LED illumination on the sides of the cabinet gives players a well lit board to aim at in dark rooms. Unit features a Full slate of 01 and Cricket games, and has an attract mode. Machine set to Freeplay. Includes 6 Darts with Soft Dart Tips. Dimensions: 79.5"H x 27"W x 20"D, 225 Lbs

Sumo Suits
game rental in delray floridaparty rental in delray florida
2 Guests suit up in these foam-Filled, padded Sumo Suits. The first sumo wrestler to fall down or step out of the ring will be declared the loser. Includes padded 12' sumo arena mat, Padded body, padded mittens, and head piece. Sumo suits are hilarious fun to watch as well as play. Includes Attendant, no Electricity required.
Dimensions 12'W x 12"L.

mechanical surfboard rental in floridamechanical surfing rental in florida
Our new surfboard is mounted to a motorized Base that simulates the motion of a real wave. Surfboard is surrounded by an inflatable safety zone for your guests to safely wipeout. This low profile unit works great for indoor events as well as outdoor. The wave simulation is adjustable with our deluxe control system which gives you 3 pre-Set automatic programs and a manually controlled 10 speed joystick that controls Pitch, Roll, and Yaw (Side to side). It also includes an LED time clock that dispays the current riders time and it records the days best time allowing riders to compete for the longest ride. This is NOT one of the chinese knockoffs that looks similar, but under the hood it's too weak to knock a 10 year old off. Don't expect them to admit this! Includes 1 attendant and Requires 15'x15' space, Standard 110v outlet and draws 8-13 Amps. See also Skateboard Simulator and Snowboard simulator. Dimensions 15'W x 15'L.

Giant Twister
giant twister rental in floridagiant twister party rental in florida
Florida's largest twister mat is big enough to cover most dance floors at 25'x25'. This heavy duty twister mat can accomodate up to 75 guests, but it can be adjusted to smaller sizes. Optional Attendant and 42" Giant twister Wheel.
Dimensions 25'L x 25'W (But can be made smaller)

Big Piano
giant walk on piano party rental in floridagiant walk on piano party rental in florida
giant walk on piano party rental in floridabig walk on piano party rental in florida
Click here for video
Introducing the original BIG Piano™ made famous by the classic movie "Big" starring Tom Hanks. Our "Big" piano was made by Remo Saraceni, the same person who made the Big Piano shown in the movie, "Big". Our giant walk on Piano™can be walked on or jumped on producing melodic tones and each key lights up a different color as you move over the keyboard. Our Giant, "BIG" Piano is made of heavy duty Polycarbonate so even the adults can play! Our Big piano can be rented as a 2 Octave (8' x 42") or  4 octave (16' x 42") unit. The entire piano is only 1" tall so it has a very low profile which makes it safe for guests of all ages!
Dimensions 16'L x 42"W x 1"H, Includes compact 1000 Watt speaker.


Zoltar Speaks Fortune Teller
big zoltar fortune teller party rental in floridabig zoltar fortune teller south florida
big zoltar fortune teller south floridabig zoltar fortune teller party rental in florida
Click Here for Video#1Video #2
Our custom Zoltar fortune teller machine will amaze your guests! He's just like the Zoltar from the movie "Big". Our Zoltar fortune teller has lifelike moving head, arms, and mouth. His mouth moves when he speaks and his Illuminated Eyes will gaze upon you as he uses his color changing crystal ball to predict your future. Zoltar can be programmed to provide custom messages and customized fortune cards with your logo. Zoltar can also be remotely controlled for some events. Dimensions 30"W x 29"D x 76"H

Giant Operation
life size operation game for party rental in south floridalife size operation game for party rental in south florida
Click here for Video
We offer the premium life Size Operation game you played as a child. Beware of the cheaper knockoffs some companies offer that are smaller in size or have less features. This Patient is 6' long and he talks along with sound effects, LED count down timer, 14 Crazy Body Parts to remove, Oversized 18" Tweezers, and of course the Nose lights up every time you touch the edges! This 2-4 player game is based on which player/Team collects the most body parts without hitting the edges and setting off the alarm! Every guest will want to try this at least once! This game has an internal battery as well so it can be set up without access to electricity.
Dimensions: 6'L x 3'W x 30"H

Giant Board games
deerfield florida party rental gamesgiant games in deerfield florida
giant games in deerfield floridakerplunk 1920x1080 2.jpg
life-size games in deerfield floridalife-size games in deerfield florida

life-size games in pompano floridagiant games in pompano florida
Connect Four- almost 4' tall, 42 discs
Dimensions 4'W X 3.5'H X 1'D

Kerplunk- 4' Tower, 24 straws, 30 Cannonballs
Dimensions 4'H X 1'W X 1'L

Checkers- Board size 10'x10', 24 pieces. (Each Checker is 10" wide)
Dimensions 10'L X 10'W

Chess- Board size 10'x10', 32 pieces. (Pieces up to 24" tall)
LED Upgrade available. Dimensions 10'L X 10'W

Jenga- 58 pieces can be built over 7' high (Game Starts at 4' High)
Dimensions 1'W X 1'L X 4'-7'H, Requires A 7' Diameter Around Game.

see also Giant Twister, Giant Operation.


LED Chess & Checkers
party rental games in pompano floridaparty rental games in weston florida
party rental games in weston floridaevent rental games in weston florida
Click Here For Video
Our customizable LED Chess and LED Checkers can be set up with any combination of colors and patterns. The chess pieces are up to 11.5" tall and the checkers pieces are 5" diameter.
Dimensions 4'W x 4'L x 32"H, 100 Lbs


LED Connect Four
event rental party games in weston floridaevent rental party games in weston florida
event rental party games in weston florida
Click Here For Video, Video #2
Our customizable LED Connect Four is fun to play and fun to watch. The colors and patterns can be customized manually or with our smart phone app.
Dimensions 5'W x 4'H, 50 Lbs


LED Corn Hole
event rental party games in bonaventure  floridaevent rental party games in bonaventure florida
event rental party games in bonaventure florida
Regulation Size 4' x 2' Bean Bag Toss Cornhole game includes 2 LED lighted Cornholes that change colors and 6 bean bags (2 color set of bean bags). game can be run off a battery or plugged in to an outlet. Batteries last 3-4 hours on a charge. Dimensions 1'H x 2'W x 4'D 35 lbs


LED Bocce Ball

LED Bocce Ball includes 8 bocce balls with internal LED lights so you can easily see the different colored balls and play in the dark. With the push of a recessed button guests can select solid or flashing ball illumination. The eight ball colors are red, blue, yellow, and green. The balls are regulation 4 1/4" size in diameter. Recommended for soft play surfaces like grass or sand. Dimensions 10'W x 20'L or larger if you have the space.


Giant Lite Brite (Light Bright)
event rental party games in fort lauderdale floridaevent rental party games in ft lauderdale florida
event rental party games in ft lauderdale floridagiant lite brite rental in ft lauderdale florida

Our New Giant Lite Brite (Light Bright) Is BIGGER & BRIGHTER! Our Lite Brite Was Custom Built Into A Case With 3D Color Display Sign On Top. The Game Is Already Built At Table Height With Illuminated Drawers That Display 10 Different Colored Pegs. Most Companies Have 6 Or 8 Colors And Require A Table And Plastic Cases For The Pegs. Our Sleek Design Makes Set Up Quick, Easy, And Attractive. 
Dimensions 8'2"W X 6'8"H X 30"D


Giant battleship
giant battleship rental in ft lauderdale floridaevent party rental games in ft lauderdale florida

Click here for Video
Our giant battleship is just like the game you played as a kid except everything is larger than life! 1-2 players stand on each side of the game field and try to guess where the enemy ships are located. The goal of the game is to sink your enemies battleship! 2-4 Players. Game is 31" wide when folded up and will fit thru a single doorway. Dimensions 7'Wide x 6'H x 12'D, 650 lbs.


skeeball game rental in floridaevent rental party games in miami florida
Click Here for LED Glow Skeeball Video
Skee-Ball is the original alley game with an elaborate lighting package and all the glitz and glam of the 1900’s boardwalk game when Skee-Ball was born. This new look reflects the vintage, glamorous style, but with state of the art LED lighting. Dimensions: 630 lbs ea., 1 Lane 10’3”L X 2’6”W X 7’8”H,
2 Lanes 10’3”L X 5’W X 7’8”H, 3 Lanes 10’3”L X 7’6”W X 7’8”H


party event game rentals in miami floridapool table billiards rental in florida
Our American made Tournament Billiard tables are the same Hi-Quality pool tables you find at pool halls.
3/4" brazilian slate ensures a perfectly flat surface that will never warp. Our custom made pool tables were made with RGB color changing LED lights so Guests can even play in the dark! Light colors and patterns can be programmed to match any room. Builtin rail system returns all balls to the same location so guests don't have to fetch balls out of each pocket.
Dimensions: 7'9"L x 4'5"W
, 710 lbs

Addams Family Shocker
florida game rental
Click here for YouTube video
Compete with Uncle Fester and try to hold on to the handle bars as long as you can while he increases the "Voltage". With three levels (Easy, Medium, and Hard,) players either compete in teams of two (One holding each handle bar) or go solo holding on to both. This is a great spectator game as well b/C It's fun to watch people try to hold on.
Dimensions: 86"H x 31"W x 28"D

Dirty Drivin' Arcade Game
arcade game rentals in miami floridaarcade game rentals in miami florida
Dirty Drivin' features hi-Def 42" 1080p display, slick attention-Grabbing cabinet, 14 outrageous tracks, 11 vehicles to choose from, power ups, and 100's of awesome vehicle upgrades and achievements. Dirty Drivin' also features a PIN account system which allows players to enter their own code to save their progress.
Dimensions 83"H x 42"W x 66"D 350lbs

Dead Heat Arcade Game
arcade game rentals in miami floridaarcade game rentals in miami florida
click here for youtube video
High Definition Street Car racing game. These flashy cabinets have a built-in camera above each monitor allowing players to take pictures of each other before the race. These pictures appear above the respective player's car during a race. Drivers choose from 4 cities (New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and London) and features a wide selection of cars, such as tuners and muscle car which are all upgradable and customizable. It features linked-cabinet play, Nitrous Boosts, Drifting, and more!
Dimensions 76"-106"H x 40"W x 60"D 335 lbs.

H2 Overdrive
arcade game sitdown driver rentals in miami floridaarcade game sitdown driver rentals in miami florida
Click for Demo Video 
42" Hi-Def LCD superboat racing game. Force Feedback steering and powerul seat subwoofer immerses your guests in the high speed action!
choose from 9 boats and 7 tracks from around the world with jumps and secret paths to explore. Use the keypad to save your achievements for future games. You can set up multiple units for head to head racing!
Dimensions 80″H x 34 1/2″W x 68″D  325 lbs.

Cruisin' World Racing
arcade game sitdown driver rentals in aventura floridaparty event game rentals in aventura  florida
Cruis'n World is a classic sit-Down Arcade driver that allows players to choose from 12 countries ranked by difficulty, or they can drive the entire world through 14 tracks using 12 different cars (plus secret and player-customized cars). Cars can perform wheelies, jumps, flips and short cuts. Its an amazing journey as Cruis'n World can only deliver. You can set up a 2nd unit for head to head racing. Dimensions 74"H x 30"W x 64"D 350lbs

Need For Speed Carbon
party event game rentals in aventura floridaparty event game rentals in aventura florida
Race a Friend in One of the hottest racing games around! Choose from over 50 different cars (Tuners, Exotics, & American Muscle) competing on urban street & drift tracks. Earn special cars like fire trucks & dump trucks! Personalize your rides with new Paint Jobs, rims, tires, body/Aero kits & graphics. Players will drive for their reputation on some of the most exciting tracks ever! Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound, 32" LCD Screens, realistic driving Controls and new "NOS' (Nitrous Oxide) pedal on the floor of the cabinet, allowing gamers to keep hands on the wheel as they streak past their opponents! Dimensions 72"H x 30"W x 64"D 350lbs

party event game rentals in aventura floridaparty event game rentals in aventura florida
SnoCross is the latest racer with a 42″ LCD panel for HD graphics, wind machine, and a motion seat allows players to feel like they are part of the action. Throw snowballs at your opponents to battle for the lead. SnoCross has 6 snowmobile racers, 6 killer sleds, and insane custom upgrades. Plus travel the world by riding on 7 intense tracks in France, Antarctica, China, Alaska, Washington D.C., Moscow and Colorado. This game is officially licensed from ESPN and racers are able to perform the same tricks as seen in the X Games. Dimensions 86"H x 43"W x 83"D 368lbs


Superbikes 2
party event game rentals in coral springs floridaparty event game rentals in coral springs florida
The top arcade motorcycle racing game of all time.
Super Bikes 2 has a 42” LCD, decked out with LED lights and has 20 tracks! 11 new tracks + 9 tracks from the original Super Bikes. Choose from 9 riders and 12 bikes with multiple tricked-Out upgrades for engines, decals, tires and more! Players can create a unique PIN to save and track their statistics on the built-in keypad. Dimensions: 78.5″H x 45.25″W x 86″D Weight: 672 lbs

Pinball Machines

pinball machine rentals in coral springs floridapinball machine rentals in miami florida
All of our pinball Rentals are newer style pinball machines with multiball and ramps. Requires access to 110 electric within 100 feet. Games are set to freeplay. No attendant, Delivery Charges May apply.

Dimensions 6'H x 30"W x 5'D 250lbs

Juke box rentals
jukebox rentals in floridajukebox rentals in south florida
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New state-Of-The-Art Touch Screen Jukebox with the retro look of a Wurlizter-Style Juke Box. Juke box has neon colors and Dancing Air bubbles. great for sock hops and rock & roll themed events. Also works as a separate sound system for your cocktail hour music if it's in a different room than the DJ.

SeaWolf Arcade Game
party game rentals in coral springs floridaparty game rentals in coral springs florida

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Sea Wolf is a remakes of the 1976 arcade classic, Sea Wolf, by Midway. This Unique submarine battle simulator has updated graphics and sound with Realistic enemy boats that criss-cross the water from either side of the screen. Your goal is to aim your periscope and take out as many boats as possible before the timer or your torpedos run out. If you suceed you'll move on to the next Mission! (7 total Missions). Dimensions 80"H x 33"W x 29"D, 350 lbs.

Popcorn Arcade Game
event game rentals in coral springs florida
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As the popcorn overflows out of the kettle, the player tries to catch as many kernals as they can before time runs out. The classic theme, bright colors, lights & sounds will draw players in; while the action will keep them entertained! Dimensions 66.5"H x 26.5"W x 48"D, 330 lbs. 


Whac-A-Mole Game
whack a mole gameWhack a mole arcade game
The original arcade Whac-A-Mole game found in amusement parks and carnivals. Five mole heads pop up randomly while you attempt to hit them with a mallet for points. The game challenge is progressive so as the player's skill improves, the difficulty increases. Dimensions 30"L x 28"W x 69"H, 250 lbs.


Axe Throwing Game

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Axe throwing is a popular new trend in unique game rentals. Our axe throwing inflatable game is safe for all ages because we uses soft, foam padded axes. Also works great for carnival, western or medieval themes. Each player gets 3 axes and tries to score closest to the bullseye. axe throwing can be played as a team building event, competition, or just for fun.
Dimensions 8’W x 10’L x 8’7”H, 77 lbs


party game rentals in aventura florida
Can you defy gravity? Challenge yourself by sliding the rails apart & together causing the ball to roll down the rails & drop into the holes with the most point value. Dimensions 30"H x 24"W x 4'D 50lbs

42" Prize Wheel
Click Here for 42" Demo Video-youtube
Click Here for 42" Demo Video
Click here for 42" Demo
of branded prize wheel in our warehouse-youtube
prize wheel rental in south floridaprize wheel rental in florida
Prize Wheels are for rentals Only, We do not sell Prize Wheels
Our Magnetic 42" Prize wheel has a metal layer, covered with a Dry Erase Vinyl. Ultimate in versatility, change sections, faces, write and erase. available with or without the magnetic graphics. Complete, ready to spin, includes 36" base stand, with adjustable clicker, rubber tipped pegs, and rubber edge trim. This is a quality Prize Wheel, not a cheap Immitation.
Custom 42" Prize Wheel designs can be printed to match any theme or decor.

Click Here for Customized Prize Wheel Samples

Dimensions: 42"W x 55"H x 36"D (Base is 36")


60" Lighted Prize Wheel
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60" led prize wheel

Prize Wheels are for rentals Only, We do not sell Prize Wheels
Our 60" lighted Prize wheel has assorted light patterns and a magnetic layer covered with Dry Erase Vinyl to easily change sections, graphics, and write and erase with dry erase markers. Complete, ready to spin, includes 48" base stand, with adjustable clicker, rubber tipped pegs, and rubber edge trim. Both the inner and outer wheel have LED lights.
Custom 60" Prize Wheel designs can be printed to match any theme or decor.
Dimensions: 60"W x 78"H x 48"D (Base is 48")


Maze Runner Game
party event game rentals in lauderhill floridaparty event game rentals in lauderhill florida
The Maze Runner game is a unique game that will test your skills and reflexes as you carefully maneuver the ball from the start down to the finish using the steering wheel at the bottom to rotate the entire maze. It is harder than it looks! Comes with a digital timer to race your friends for the best time. Dimensions: 53"H x 38"W x 8"D, 54lbs


Tap The App
party event game rentals in wellington floridaparty event game rentals in wellington florida
Tap the App is a Giant Cell Phone Game, similar to Operation, that requires a steady hand. The challenge is to remove the App symbols with the magnetized wand without touching the edges. If you touch the edges of an app against the sides an audible buzzer goes off and the magnetic wand automatically drops the piece. A red LED clock displays the total number of mistakes. Unit comes with its own built-in table, colorful skirt, and 3 sets of game pieces. (Easy, Medium, Hard) 
Dimensions 4'L x 30"W.


Golden Tee 30 Year Reunion Arcade Game!
party event game rentals in wellington floridaparty event game rentals in wellington florida
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If you love Golden Tee this is tHE version to play!
The exact same game you've played over 30 years with...

  • Every Golden Tee Live course ever created
  • 74 virtual golf courses (annual updates)
  • Compete Against Computer Opponents of Varying Skill
  • Try To Defeat Legendary PGA Tour Golfer John Daly
  • 2 game modes return; Skins and King of the Hill
  • Full Player Customization: control the look & style of your golfer. Build your own club set & golf ball. Putt with a katana or fireman's axe. Outfit your golfer in the wackiest outfits imaginable—crazy hats and bodysuits and flippers and more! Dimensions 60"H x 28"W x 34"D 190 lbs

Music Blocks
party event game rentals in wellington floridaparty event game rentals in wellington florida
party event game rentals in wellington floridaparty event game rentals in wellington florida
Youtube Video #1, Youtube Video #2
This interactive activity turns your guests into a DJ in seconds. The intuitive interface allows up to 4 players to create their favourite music just by placing and moving the blocks on its slick surface. We include 1 attendant. The attendant selects 1 of 10 sound Categories for your guests (Ex. Hip Hop, Dance, Disco, Rock, Holiday Music). Then your guests simply place music blocks on the surface to create different sounds. There are 40 music Blocks set up on the game table. all 40 blocks change with each category of music and The blocks are split in 4 categories (usually drums, baselines, melodies and vocals) as they place 1 of the 4 different types of blocks on the surface it adds an element of sound. As you add more blocks you can create your own music. We enable people to play with music as with lego blocks - building music from snippets, which match with each other perfectly which eliminates possibilities for mistakes so it is super easy for non-musicians to experiment and enjoy playing & creating music like a pro!

Music Blocks comes with the built-in function of recording your guests' mixes. Creating music has never been easier with endless opportunities right at your fingertips. Dimensions 2'W x 2'L x 30"H and includes 1 attendant.


Giant Beer Pong
giant beer ponggiant beer ponggiant beer pong for rentgiant beer pong party rental in florida
click here for demo video
Our Giant Beer Pong Game Is A Fun Interactive Game Rental For All Ages. Our Giant Beer Pong Is A Giant Version Of The Classic Beer Pong Game. It Sets Up Outside Or In A Large Open Space. Perfect For Any Corporate Or Social Event. Twelve 45-Gallon Containers Are Set Up Just Like The Red And White Solo Cups Used To Play Beer Pong. Teams Take Alternating Turns Throwing, Tossing, Or Bouncing The White Balls Across The Playfield In An Attempt To Land The Balls In The Opposing Teams Giant Cups (45 Gallon Containers). When A Ball Lands In One Of The Opposing Teams Cups That Cup Is Removed As The Game Continues. The First Team To Remove All Of The Opposing Teams Cups Wins! This Game Is Designed To Be Played The Same Way You Play The Classic Table, Beer Pong Game, Only Bigger! Giant Beer Pong Is Played With The Containers Empty or with a small amount of water to eliminate ball bounce.

Rental Includes 6 Large Red & White Containers and 6 Large Blue & White Containers (Resembling Giant Solo Cups), And 4 White Balls For Game Play.
Dimensions: 20’L × 10’W, Flat Surface, No Electricity Required.


Giant Plinko

Our new Plinko game is just like the one on the Price Is Right TV show.
This is a Giant plinko standing 7’6” tall and over 5' wide with chasing carnival lights and lighted prize values. Our giant Plinko is great for Promotions, tradeshows, and casino parties. Customizable branding is available.
Dimensions 7’6” H x 68” W x 38” D 250 lbs

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Cocktail Hour Entertainment provides cocktail hour entertainment services for the cocktail hour at your Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, Corporate Event, Wedding, Sweet 16, Quince, or other Special Events. Our services are available for just 1 hour or for the entire party.

We provide Airbrush Party Favors (AirBrush Shirts, AirBrush Pillows, AirBrush Boxers, AirBrush Hats, etc....), Arcade Games, Arcade Machines, AirBrush Tattoo Artists, Air Hockey Tables, Baseball Speed Pitch, Basketball Pop-A-Shot, Bead Factory, Black Jack Tables, Bling Station, Bubble Hockey, Bubble Soccer, Caricaturist, Digital Caricaturist, Carnival Games, Casino Tables, Circus, Claw Machine, Cotton Candy, Craps Table, DDR Dance Dance Revolution, Dance Heads (Boogie Bodies/ Pop Noggins), Dog Tags, Photo Dog Tags, Fantasy/Fake I.D. Cards, Feather Extensions, Flip Books, Foosball, Foam Dance Pit, Football Toss, Fun Foods, Giant Board Games, Giant Operation, Giant Twister, Glitter Tattoos, Golf Challenge, Graffiti, Green Screen Photos, Guitar Hero, Gyroscope, Hair Feathers, Hair Tinsel, Hollywood Photos (Red Carpet Photos), Hose Hockey, Jukebox Rental, Magazine Covers, Money Machine, Movie Posters, Multicade, Pinball Machines, Phone Cases, Photo Booths, Photo Favors (Photo Novelties & Green Screen), Photo Keychains, Ping Pong & Ping Pong Table (4-Player), Poker Tables, Pool Table, Popcorn Machine, Prize Wheel, Pucker Powder (Sandy Candy), Rice Jewelry, Rock Band, Rope Ladder Climb, Roulette Wheel, Skill Crane, Sky Dancer, Slot Car Racing, Slotless Car Racing (Microreality), Soft Pretzels, Sno Kones, Sport Games, Sublimation Favors, Surfboard Simulator (RoboSurfer), Sumo Suits, Tattoos, Velcro Wall, Video Game Systems, Wax Hands, Xbox Arcade, and much more!

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